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Glitch Poetry: The Shadow and The Girl, 2020
Glitch Poetry

"The Shadow and The Girl" is a glitch poetry. Qiu uses the computer to do her daily work and communicate in the human languages: English and Chinese. Computers can read different languages of human beings based on converting them into different codes, but I do not know any language and expression of computers, which makes me have the desire to explore.


Code poetry usually refers to programming code with poetry inside it. And Qiu's glitch poetry is trying to translate the mistakes that computers make when they understand human language into a new graphic language, as poetic expressions of people and computers working together. In the process of creation, Qiu used a large number of online translators, English to Chinese, Chinese to English, English to code, Chinese to code. In the process of constant translation, some beautiful mistakes have been made. Hieroglyphs give language visual power. In the end, Qiu converted some Chinese computer gibberish into hieroglyphs rich in poetic information. They can be seen as gibberish, as words, as small paintings.

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