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Can you see me, 2022 - Iteration I
Performance 11mins

Movement: Jonas Sun

Live Video Projection: Mallory Yanhan Qiu

Sound: Mallory Yanahan Qiu

Set Design: Mallory Yanhan Qiu

Vision comes from light, and light is directional yet relational, between perception and presentation, interior and exterior, blocking and breaking, fading and remains. How's the distances between vision, body, and space iterate imperceptible changes in people's mind?

Performance Score: Task & Movement (The task is a way to shape the choreography language)

  • Task1: Trace the light in the eye

  • Task2: Live-sculpt 4 pieces fabric 

  • Task3: Break the composition by inserting the body into the fabric composition

  • Task4: Make fabric end joints be together, move the joints, or use your body weight to stabilize the boding

  • Task5: Extend the fabric with extend your body

  • Task6: Look at the eye (from different positions)

Can you see me, 2022 | Video Credit: Sunny Sun

Can you see me, 2022  | Photo Credit: Sunny Sun

Till Down, Synthesis Sound Composition  | Courtesy of the Artist

Digital microscope on the eye | Courtesy of the Artist

Remains after the performance | Courtesy of the Artist

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