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Duet Performance 10mins 21secs

Fate is:


Fate is darkness. Fate is the beginning. Fate is vibration. Fate is the cast gentle. Fate is white. Fate is void. Fate is home for everyone. Fate is cold and closely warm. Fate is flying. Fate is in your head. Fate is shadow. Fate is a close partner. Fate is drowning. Fate can be seen. Fate can be followed. Fate can be youth. Fate can be up and down. Fate can be a deer. Fate can be a hand. Fate is closing the eye. Fate is guarding the border.


Fate is random. Fate is zero. Fate is magic. Fate is circle. Fate is perfect excuse. Fate is 0+0=1. Fate is you never get what you want, because you have already got what you can get. Fate if not life. Fate is the sum of life. Fate doesn’t exist, so that we can live happily.


Death is:


Death is dawn. Death is air. Death is 1 before many 0s. Death is a force pushing you forward. Death is mega scope to every decision. Death is jumping heart. Death is fingertip. Death is pointing your forehead. Death is calling everywhere. Death is dancing every moment. Death is following everyone. Death is refusing any stops. Death is being with people. Death is echo. Death is a line meant to be traced. Death is 1111000111100001100.


Death is immortal. Death is transcends time. Time is never happens. Time is your life. Time never happens to your life when you are conscious. Death is no one knows, no get here. Death is no start and no end. Death is a moment that u cannot ask why. Death is a complication. Death is a riddle.

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