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Green Hollow Shadows, 2023
Solo Performance 8mins45secs

Improvising Voice & Poetry & Video Projection: Mallory Yanhan Qiu

The green shadow dances in grass

Along the train

With every sway, it moves both ways

It ponders if its form is free

To pursue the fleeting light


They say that our bodies must be ready

In case they're needed to fly away

But I cannot envision us to be

The embodiment of birds, soaring free



Our bones are heavy, dense

Not hollow 

Our bodies burdened with cares

with earthly sense



Like trains on rails, 

you can't expect the train to leave the tracks and go to the sky, it sounds like a tragedy



The green shadows we cannot touch

They live in our eyes, a fleeting clutch

So we fix our gaze on the steady light

That shines from the shadows



It brings comfort to our weary souls

A reminder that some things are whole

Steady and true, through all the strife

A source of hope, in chaos and life



For change to blossom, there must be steadiness

An unwavering anchor, of boundless richness

Else, all is but a tumultuous sea

Of confusion, that blinds our eyes and mind


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