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Transition, 2022
Solo Performance 7mins45secs

Live Sound & Digital Visual Projection & Set Design: Mallory Yanhan Qiu

Please close your eyes and breath. Think about a word you want to echo, speak it out, and repeat it. When you feel familiar with the word, speed up the repeating to the fastest you can. Stop naturally when you don’t feel your breath anymore.

One day, a star came. 有一天,一颗星星.

It crushed my world, 撞向我的世界,

Crushed. 粉碎一切.

And left a deep impact crater. 留下了一个深深的洞坑.

Deep. 直穿地底.

It deafened my ears, 它震聋了我的耳朵,

I cannot hear anymore. 什么都没有了 寂静 寂静.

give me the power 给我生命吧

Give me the power 给我生命吧

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