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Where should I go, 2022
Performance 11mins

Movement: Ricardo Vilas Freire, Jieun Lee, Mallory Yanhan Qiu

Writing: J Jiang

Recording & Sound: Mallory Yanhan Qiu

Director: Mallory Yanhan Qiu

Where should I go, 2022 | Video and Photo Credit: Xiaoyuan Lu

Hello Doctor, 2022 | Writing: J Jiang

Where should I go, Performance Setup | Courtesy of the Artist

Performance Score:

0:00-0:30 (0.5mins)

  • You're gonna enter from the wrong floor doors. And you start to slowly explore (walk, look around, touch, sit, etc) the layer space.

0:30-3:00 (2.5mins)

  • You’ll try to sneak to the right floor. If you meet someone in the front face, you have to go back to the original floor, and try it again to go to your right floor. 

3:00-6:00 (3mins)

  • When you successfully arrive at the right floor. You start to use repetitive movements to explore your own layer. (extend your body with the space lines, overlap your body with lines, do abnormal moves on the stair, go backwards, make geometry shapes with your body, etc)

6:00-10:00 (4mins)

  • Now, you run to other floor layers to explore and occupy the space with your body. When you go across other people, passing through them with wired movements. 

  • Also, you can interact with other people on the same floor. 

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